Best Paint Colors for Minimalism

Use these paint colors and design ideas to imbue restorative, minimalist design into your space.

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Best Paint Colors for Minimalism

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Understated. Tranquil. Essential. Explore minimalist style through the lens of color.

Today’s minimalism has evolved beyond “clutter-free” toward soothing, exuberant comfort. Use our color palette of white, greige, gray and black hues to set the mood.

Color Palette for Minimalist Style

Start here for a palette inspired by the pared-back style of minimalism.

Minimalist Interior Design: The Power of White Hues

The clarity and beauty of restorative and inviting soft white paint colors is undeniable.

Conjure timeless minimalist vibes with White Heron OC-57, Chantilly Lace OC-65, and White Dove OC-17. Create a warm, inviting haven with beige-tinged creams such as Maritime White OC-5, Ballet White OC-9 and Paper White OC-55. Turn to the Benjamin Moore Off White Collection as your go-to resource to find the just-right white.

Against all-white, other room elements become beautifully spotlighted. Painted wood floors, thoughtfully selected furniture, warm wood, and chunky fabrics add dimension to classic white backdrops. This cozy minimalist bedroom uses a wide range of Benjamin Moore white paint colors to create an airy sanctuary.

Layered Neutral Paint Colors

Combine earthy hues and natural materials like jute, linen, leather and wood to breathe warmth into minimalist style. Taupe, grays and other neutrals bring cozy cabin vibes to any space.

In this minimalist living room, homeowner favorite, Revere Pewter HC-172, from the Historical Collection, delivers an elegant backdrop—a testament to the design power of beige and gray, known as greige. Other greiges we love for creating a minimalist style include Pashmina AF-100, Balboa Mist OC-27, and Edgecomb Gray HC-173 from our minimalist color palette. Add in Simply White OC-117, a past Benjamin Moore® Color of the Year, for a luminous glow.

Enliven Minimalism with Splashes of Color

Use intentional color to invigorate minimalist décor. Highlight architectural features that deserve a spotlight, like a fireplace mantel, accent wall, or window trim. Take it a step further with stylized, linear color blocking in a single-shade, monochromatic color scheme.

Here, a wink of Rosy Apple 2006-30 on the staircase balances the gravitas of Iron Mountain 2134-30, a rich, deep charcoal gray on the mirror frame. Both hues provide colorful energy against the blonde wood floors and white walls of this Scandinavian-style entryway.

Bold Paint Hues for Minimalist Style

Saturated, mood-boosting color brings minimalist style to colorful new heights.

Use saturated jewel tones like Beau Green 2054-20, Bronze Tone 2166-30 and Starry Night Blue 2067-20—from the Color Trends 2023 palette—as a focal point, letting minimalist style inform the rest of the space.

Create an eye-catching, cohesive color envelope, as seen here in all-green Balsam 567 on the cabinets and wall. Pair a crisp white ceiling with more adventurous colors to highlight walls and add height to any room.

Sheen selection also plays a role in the minimalist style aesthetic. Here, creative use of sheen—a satin finish on walls and an ultra-flat finish on ceiling—adds dimension to this kitchen corner.

Sleek, Chic and Sophisticated: Black Paint Colors

Classic black hues elevate minimalist style. Combine crisp white paint colors with intense, inky hues for a dramatic yet streamlined look.

Alternatives to black paint color include rich, dark shades—think royal purples, moody browns and deep ocean blues. Like black, these enigmatic, darkly glamourous hues sync effortlessly with fresh whites.

Here, Cloud Cover OC-25 pairs with Black Tar 2126-10, from our minimalist color palette, bringing both cool and calm to this contemporary, minimalist kitchen.

"The right paint color elevates the back-to-basics ethos of minimalism. While white is a go-to choice, there are plenty of other colors to consider for creating a timeless look that aptly reflects minimalist style."
Hannah Yeo, Color & Design Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Minimalism?

A. Minimalism signifies a commitment to the most essential elements of life. From an interior design and style standpoint, minimalism is typically associated with a calm, uncluttered “less is more” aesthetic.

Q. What are minimalist paint colors?

A. Paint colors associated with minimalism veer towards whites, off-whites, soft grays, and neutral color schemes. Deeper and more saturated hues—think black, navy and forest green—can also contribute to a sleek, sophisticated minimalist look.

Q. How do I use color in a minimalist style?

A. Minimalist decor employs crisp, clean whites, warm neutrals and soft grays in abundance for classic minimalist style. Weave in subtle pops of color to add personality or create a cocoon-like vibe with deeper hues or monochromatic color schemes.

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