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Color by Family

Fresh soil, knotted bark, fine sand–the natural tones of brown color schemes evoke back-to-nature vibes. With an organic, easygoing elegance, brown paint colors elevate any room in your home.

The color brown is made up of varying levels of the primary colors—red, yellow, blue. That said, a brown mostly made from blues and yellows may feature a mossy undertone, whereas a more red- and yellow-based brown may present a rusty tone. This broad array of undertones makes it easy to find a brown paint color for every space.

Most Popular Brown Paint Colors

Here are some of our most-loved brown paint colors, from lighter hues to darker, more dramatic ones.

Cafe Au Lait

Tan, sand, taupe: Shades of light brown bring warm energy into a space. When selecting a light brown paint color, take inspiration from natural wood tones in your home and choose one that’s a few shades lighter.


Neutral and inviting, a light brown dining room or brown kitchen create welcoming spaces for guests and family. Brown cabinets add a rustic touch, and accents like wind-swept curtains and a fresh bowl of fruit evoke a farmhouse feel.


Looking for trim? White and brown pair beautifully, adding fresh flair to earthy brown hues while effortlessly lightening the space. Consider warm whites to complement brown, including Simply White OC-117, Mountain Peak White OC-121, and Mayonnaise OC-85.

“An elegant alternative to black paint colors, brown offers a warm welcome that pairs easily with a wide range of colors.”
Color & Design Expert

Dark Browns–Eye-catching Comfort

Dark browns range from chocolate brown to mahogany to umber. These darker, more saturated hues create a calming atmosphere, swaddling any space like a wool sweater.

A sophisticated neutral, dark brown living rooms are both elevated and earthen. Breathe a touch of midcentury style into your space with Silhouette AF-655, pictured here, and accent with natural woods and leathers. Try pairing with a pop of Terra Cotta Tile 2090-30 to underline the midcentury aesthetic.

Bold and stylish, dark brown is also an excellent choice for an elegant office or study-so your workspace is equal parts scholarly and stunning.

Brown Exteriors: Back to Basics

Brown colors organically enhance any exterior. Use brown trim to outline architectural details and as a more neutral alternative to black. Here, brown front doors and black trim against stucco siding creates a clean, Mediterranean-inspired look.


If you have wooden doors or trim, rich brown paint color can add polish while retaining a natural, lived-in look. Consider ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain to give your wooden decks and other outdoor spaces a fresh look, bringing the beauty of natural wood grain back to life.

The Brown Bedroom

Neutral paint colors are always a popular choice for bedrooms, with brown hues offering a unique, stylish option. Add comfort and timelessness to your space with Kona AF-165, Wenge AF-180, and Leather Saddle Brown 2100-20.


One color, Grandfather Clock Brown 2096-30, shown here, features warm red undertones that enliven the space while evoking the charm of days gone by. Trim and ceiling in Cloud Cover OC-25 creates a light and airy atmosphere ideal for heading to bed, reading a book, or sneaking in a Sunday nap. Other white paint colors that perfectly pair with brown include Vanilla Milkshake OC-59 or Moonlight White OC-125.

Bold Brown Bathrooms: Go Dark

Dramatic, deep colors in the bathroom offer a high-end look. Turn to dark brown to experiment with bold color in your powder room, while still maintaining a neutral color scheme. Pairing saturated bathroom walls with brown cabinets creates a monochromatic style that adds an element of depth.


Sophisticated and dramatic, a deep brown bathroom exudes power. Barista AF-175 walls, shown here, create contrast against trim and alcove in Flint AF-560. The ceiling in taupe Balboa Mist OC-27 lightens the space, drawing the eye up to add height to the room.

What Colors Go with Brown?

Since the color brown is made up of red, yellow, and blue, it pairs readily with a wide range of hues. From creamy taupes to deep chestnut, you can have fun pairing natural brown shades with a whole host of colors.


Since brown is primarily a warm color, it balances beautifully with cool, light hues like Constellation AF-540, Beacon Gray 2128-60, and Ocean Air 2123-50.


This eclectic vintage sitting room features Hearthstone Brown 2109-20 on the walls, a sophisticated shade with a rosy undertone that allows the ceiling in Soft Pink 2012-70 to bloom. Burgundy-colored décor ties the room together, creating an enchantingly cozy space to entertain and relax.


Looking to go bold? Try a winning color combination of brown and black for chic contrast and sophistication.

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