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From deepest garnet to soft rose, the variety within the red color family always surprises. Whether you browse color online or get expert advice in-store, let us help you find the best red paint colors for any project.

Red is all about range; it can swing warmer towards sunbaked brick and cooler towards crimson-kissed violets. Happily, there is a red for everyone, especially when paired with colors that effortlessly anchor this dynamic hue.

Warm + Cool + Most Popular Paint Colors

Here are some of our most popular shades of red including Caliente AF-290, the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2018.


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Discover the Language of Red

Red paint color signifies many things: Strength. Drama. Happiness. Confidence.

Explore the language of red in this video and consider how this powerful color can positively impact your home.
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The Breadth and Depth of Red Paint

When considering red for your home interior, remember: you can opt out of its wow-factor. The range of red is wide, from burgundy to maroon to terracotta, empowering you to find a hue that suits your personal style and home aesthetic.

Many red paint colors can evoke an easygoing, inviting vibe. Muted red earth tones blend beautifully with brown, taupe and wood. In thoughtful amounts, brick, mahogany and other rustic reds can have the appearance of a neutral surface against colors ranging from dramatic deeps to striking whites and off-whites. Warm, soft reds like Audubon Russet HC-51, Boston Brick 2092-30 and Georgian Brick HC-50 offer alternatives to the “very cherry” side of red.


Perk Up Smaller Spaces with Red

Treat your smaller spaces to some extra attention with red paint. From light-filled entryways to guest powder rooms to an intimate dining room, red sets a tone of elegance and style, bringing instant personality to smaller spaces throughout your home. Here, a red accent wall greets guests with a welcoming burst of energy.

A deep red paint in a higher gloss heightens the drama – sending a signal of color confidence. Deep reds we love include Dinner Party AF-300 and violet-tinged reds like Raisin Torte 2083-10 and New London Burgundy HC-61. An area rug, red-flecked window treatments or pillows are great places to experiment with red, easily sparking up any space.

Playing with the Power of Red

One of the best aspects of paint is the ability to transform a space in a relatively short period of time.

With red, the high impact of painting is easily magnified. This red bedroom is a great example of a space that takes on a crisp new personality with the use of Caliente AF-290 and clean White Opulence OC-69. The dark gray door and calming blue accents create a perfect color balance for the bold red and white color combination in the room.


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