From dreamy pastels to energetic brights, paint color makes magic in kids' rooms.

Whether you are hoping to spark their imagination, or give them their very own hideout, choosing a kids’ room paint color should be fun. With 3,500+ options, Benjamin Moore has the paint color for every kid, and every personality.

Kids’ Room Paint Color Ideas

What paint color will make their spirit soar? Check out these kid-centric color schemes and make them your own!

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Balancing Brights

Ask children what color they want for their room, and big, bright hues top the list. Knowing that this is the space where they sleep, study and play, balance is the key. Using bold accent colors against off-white is the perfect way to create color equilibrium. And layering in color with decor, throws, and bedding is the icing on the cake!

Here, cheery Raspberry Blush 2008-30 cabinets pop against Paper White OC-55 walls, and an array of colorful pillows and patchwork-style rug come together to create a vibrant sanctuary that sparks imagination.

Beyond the Pale

If you’re more practical, choose paint color choices that will translate seamlessly from infant to toddler to big kid.

To align a kid’s room with their growth spurts, consider using bold colors for room decor and furniture, allowing a neutral or pale hue on walls that will remain tried and true, year after year.

Here, Buxton Blue HC-149 creates subtle contrast on the upper wall with Blue Danube 2062-30 on the lower—a classic color scheme. 

Yellow pillows and blue bedding in different shades create fun accents that are easy to update for fresh pops of color.

A Clean Slate Every Day

Imagine a kid’s canvas of any size, shape, and color that’s easily wiped clean at the end of the day…Notable® Dry Erase Paint makes it possible.

If you love the look of the traditional whiteboard, Notable® White is for you. 

A classic white surface offers a dry erase experience with a glossy, clean finish.

Love color (and what kid doesn’t)? Try Notable® Clear over any Benjamin Moore color, including Yellow Lotus 2021-50, Million Dollar Red 2003-10, and Wedgewood Gray HC-146, all from our Kids’ Room palettes.

Once applied correctly, just hand over the dry erase markers to the kids and see creative inspiration come to life, day after day!


Chalk + Paint + Color = Creativity

A colorful chalk paint surface is another way to let kids express their creativity in their room. Benjamin Moore’s ben® Chalkboard Paint empowers you to create a dynamic and unique accent wall that your little one will love.

Forget about old-style blackboards: ben Chalkboard is available in 3,500+ paint colors–so no matter what color the room, you’ve got a huge array of coordinating color options.

Plus, DIY-ers love our ben® paint line, which provides a special formulation that makes quick-fix drips and smooth touch-ups easier.

Keep it Complementary

The chemistry that exists between colors on opposite sides of the color wheel–known as ‘complementary colors’ in color and design parlance–is palpable. 

Complementary color schemes that include primary or bold colors are said to create excitement or high energy (think sports team jerseys).

Explore how these types of happy color unions–purple & yellow, blue & orange–can infuse any size room with a sense of whimsy. 

For some, complementary color schemes may be a bit too bold. Using a primary hue with a lighter or darker complementary color, offers a more subtle option.

Find more in our Color Insights section, where you can also learn about analogous colors, warm and cool colors, the psychology of color, and more.


Accent on Fun

Aura® Bath & Spa is specifically created to withstand the humidity of bathrooms, all with a gorgeous matte finish.

Add colorful accent furniture for a smile-worthy pop of color in an otherwise color-neutral space. 

ADVANCE®, used here on these tiny bathroom chairs, is low VOC and provides a durable and beautiful furniture-like finish in Million Dollar Red 2003-10 and Autumn Cover 2170-30. 

Both in a satin finish, the chairs pop against soft matte walls in Pink Damask OC-72.

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